Thursday, January 27, 2011

Retail Shoppers More Connected To Info Than Store Assocs.

Website magazine reports that a new study from Motorola Solutions concludes that many brick-and-mortar retailers pay dearly for neglecting their increasingly tech-savvy customers.

The majority of retail associates surveyed believe that shoppers were better connected to consumer information than were in-store employees, ultimately hurting those retailers’ bottom lines. The study found that 28 percent of in-store visits ended with an average of $132 in abandoned purchases by mobile shoppers confident of locating lower prices, more plentiful stock, shorter check-out processes and better customer assistance elsewhere.

The study also indicates that 43 percent of shoppers who received in-store guidance from retail associates armed with their own mobile devices reported that the device improved their shopping experience. The survey also found that because today’s mobile shoppers can easily find deals elsewhere, 87 percent of retailers now consider in-store customer service - aided by access to real-time information – to be more important than ever.

According to Motorola,
  • Surveys were completed online from Dec. 2 through Dec. 17
  • Two complimentary surveys were fielded, one targeted to shoppers and one targeted to in-store associates or staff. 
  • Sample:
-  Consumer panelists, representing a general distribution of the consumer population over 18 years of age, were recruited for the Shopper on-line survey. 1,056 respondents completed the Shopper survey.
- Business panelists, representing a wide range of experienced in-store associates who work in full-time or permanent part-time positions, were recruited for the Store Associates survey. 545 respondents completed the Associates survey.

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