Monday, January 10, 2011

Google eMerchandising Tools You Should Know About

FifthGear highlights a couple of new tools from Google that are very useful for eMerchants:


Remarketing is the practice of showing ads to consumers who have previously visited an eCommerce site or have left items in a shopping cart without purchasing (abandonment).  Google's Remarketing tool has the advantage of working with its own ubiquitous Adwords program.  Coodies are planted on the user's hard drive so that when they surf other sites, Google Adsense (Google’s advertising option for publishers that allow them to place ads on their content sites and make money when visitors click) will automatically show the prospect an ad for the abandoned product.

You can easily set up and create a remarketing campaign through the new “Audiences” tab in AdWords. A remarketing campaign allows you to take advantage of the same features and reports you can use today in AdWords - it’s just a new way to reach the best audience for your ad.

For further explanation check out Google’s official documentation on retargeting.

Product Extension Ads

Product Extension ads are designed specifically for eCommerce retailers with a wide selection of products, combining Google Product Search (Google Shopping) with Google Adwords. With  Google Product Search you can upload a feed of your product catalog to show up as shopping results when a user searches for a specific item, but these are only listed if a user searches specifically within Google shopping. With Product Extension Ads  you upload your product feed directly through Google Adwords to show up within the paid results on the right side of the Google results page. You can also write ad copy for these ads instead of relying only on the product descriptions that you have on your site. Read more on the Google Merchant blog, which in itself is a good resource to know about.

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