Thursday, January 20, 2011

DMA To Hold Seminars on New Marketing Trends/Technologies

At the Direct Marketing Association's "Big Thinking. Small Commitment" event three of today's most progressive marketing thinkers will present thoughts that can transform your understanding of where the world is going and how you can take advantage of it -- now.

This opportunity for "transformative thinking" costs about two hours of your time and none of your money (if you're a DMA member, that is).

"Big Thinking. Small Commitment" features DMA's own CEO, Lawrence M. Kimmel, as well as presenters from Google and the Mobile Marketing Association.

The event, to be held January 28, 2011 in Cambridge, MA; February 4, 2011 in New York City, and February 8, 2011 in San Francisco, will cover:
  • A world of increased socialization and isolation
  • The exploration of new channels and reach more customers than ever before
  • The ability to go beyond the trends and increase engagement with customers
  • Engagement in real one-to-one marketing
  • Development of an integrated strategy that begins with data and merging new and traditional channels with emerging technology

Speakers include:
  • Lawrence Kimmel – CEO, DMA
  • Michael Becker – Managing Director North America, Mobile Marketing Association
  • Brian Schmidt – Director, Americas Sales, Google Inc. (MA)
  • David Shapiro – Director of Small Business Marketing, North America, Google Inc. (NY)
  • Brett Crosby – Director of Product Marketing for social products, Google Inc. (CA)

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