Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Social Commerce Optimization From CalmSea

CalmSea, provider of a Predictive Commerce Platform for retailers, has announced the release of its new Social Commerce Optimization Solution, leveraging CalmSea’s Predictive Commerce Platform with Facebook APIs to provide retailers the ability to engage, grow and monetize their Facebook fan base, better understand their customers’ preferences, and deliver targeted promotions such as private sales, group-buys, sweepstakes, contests and more.

Through a standard Facebook integration, promotions are built and managed within CalmSea, then deployed to Facebook where social interactions can then be measured and optimized in real-time.

CalmSea’s Social Commerce Optimization Solution has driven results for retail customers such as Tobi, an innovative online apparel retailer, which is using the solution to test multiple types of promotions through Facebook.

“Within the first few days of launching CalmSea’s Social Commerce Optimization Solution, we saw a 10% growth in fan base, while more than 25% of our fans adopted the application," said Jennifer Song, vice president of marketing at Tobi.  "As the number of engaged fans consistently grows, we are able to continuously understand, segment and provide offers to our fans appropriately."

Jim Dai, chief executive officer at CalmSea, added “Retailers are increasingly recognizing the power of engaging their customers on Facebook. The question they face now is 'How do we personalize promotions and engagement to each fan and then measure the ROI of each promotion?' CalmSea’s Social Commerce Optimization Solution provides a turnkey way to do just that – to measure engagement levels of their Facebook fans.”

At its core, CalmSea’s Predictive Commerce Platform is a science-based retail business optimization platform that helps retailers make smarter, more profitable promotion and price decisions. In addition to their new Social Commerce Optimization Solution, CalmSea offers a Price Optimization Solution, which helps retailers understand price-demand elasticity, consumer preferences, competitive prices and seasonality effects. These factors are combined with the retailer’s margin, revenue and inventory goals to determine the right products and pricing for each retail channel.

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