Sunday, January 16, 2011

MyBuys eComm Health & Wellness Index Up 14.2% Dec. 2010

MyBuys, the leading provider of personalization for multi-channel retailers, reported in the December 2010 edition of its E-commerce Health and Wellness Index™ that December was exceptional for the eCommerce industry, with total revenue increasing 8.3% overall on the strength of better-than-expected holiday online shopping sales.

Even more important, revenue from full-priced item sales increased 15.6% versus the same period last year. Combined, these increases drove the index up 14.2% compared to the same month one year ago.  In addition to holiday, the increase can also be attributed to a 4.8% decrease in the number of orders with promoted items and a 5.6% decline in orders without promoted items present.  Revenue from promoted goods declined 10%, with the average percentage of discounting dropping 3 points to 25.7% compared to last year.

“As we start 2011, we continue to see improved comps for online retail as retailers continue to sell more utilizing merchandising to sell the right product to each consumer than being reliant upon promotion as was the last two holiday seasons” said Robert Cell, CEO of MyBuys. “Retailers are healthy as a whole and are investing in technology to create future growth including mobile shopping and personalization.”

Key Stats: December 2010 vs. December 2009

MyBuys E-Commerce Wellness Index        ↑ 14.2%
Total revenue year-over-year    ↑ 8.3%
Total revenues from products sold at list price ↑15.6%
Total revenues from products sold with a discount       �10.0%
Depth of discounts      ↓ 3%
Average Order Value for personalized transactions       ↑ 8%

About the MyBuys E-commerce Wellness Index™
The MyBuys Composite Index aggregates total sales, non-promoted sales, discounted sales performance, depth of discounts, AOV and consumer impulse response from our more than 300 MyBuys clients.

About MyBuys
MyBuys is the leading provider of personalization for multi-channel retailers. The company builds deep profiles based on each individual shopper's behavior, then uses a patented portfolio of algorithms and real-time optimization to deliver the most relevant recommendations. MyBuys' clients are increasing engagement by over 100% across all channels, average order value by 45 percent, conversion rates by 90 percent, and boosting overall online revenue 10-30%. Over 300 companies, including 69 of the Internet Retailer Top 500, partner with MyBuys to offer intelligent, personalized recommendations to their shoppers. Based in Redwood City, Calif., MyBuys is a privately held company. Visit them online at

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