Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FatWire Launches Vers. 2.0 of its Mobility Server

FatWire has launched Version 2.0 of its namesake Mobility Server. The company says the new software gives organizations the power to easily mobile-enable their Web presence by reusing content as a key component of their marketing and customer experience initiatives.

The company explains Mobility Server 2.0 allows organizations to:

Build a mobile Web presence—content from traditional Web sites can be re-purposed for the mobile channel; navigation structures from the traditional site can be edited and re-purposed for mobile Web sites; and out-of-the-box mobile Web page templates enable fast, easy creation of mobile sites for different device families.

Edit Web content from one user interface—provides a central interface for managing the traditional Web site and mobile Web sites.

Preview mobile sites in context—developers can see how a site will look on different device types, optimizing Web sites automatically for every type of mobile device—existing Web site content can be automatically reformatted, including video and rich media.

Support Location-based services—Mobility Server Version 2.0 makes use of device GPS data to deliver location-based content and services to site visitors.

Provide Social Web experiences— Mobility Server 2.0 allows organizations to easily mobile-enable user-generated content and other social features.

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