Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vivisimo's Velocity Information Optimization Platform

A decade ago, Vivisimo was a competitor to AltaVista, one of the leading search engines before Google came along and dominated the space. Both Vivisimo and AV are still around, though: AV as a multi-lingual search engine and translation tool, Vivisimo as a leader in the Information Optimization (IO) field.

Vivisimo builds, parses, and manages "information connectivity" on its "Velocity" platform, which makes them a major player in the "Navigation, Search, and Retrieval" information management field. (see AMR Research [now part of Gartner], "Enterprise Navigation, Search, and Retrieval: A Vendor Landscape"). An overview of the architecture of their "Velocity" platform (which won Vanguard's Product of the Year Award in 2010) appears below (click on the image to enlarge):

Vivisimo's Information Optimization platform (or "Interaction Optimization") is designed to handle all of the following challenges:
• Enable quick and easy customer self-service
• Support eCommerce Site Search and Search Engine Optimization
• Reduce inbound calls
• Generate revenues and new sales opportunities
• Increase site stickiness and capture new target customers
• Provide quality customer experiences

Specific functionality allows for the rapid classification of all available data for quick insight into information themes without ever entering a search query. This auto-classification capability uncovers data that managers may have lost or even not have known of to begin with — information that may prove critical to their business.

Velocity’s search and navigation capabilities also deliver efficiency to eCommerce sites by providing features like facets that group results from product searches, ensuring that prospects have a better chance of finding all of the exact products, features, reviews and answers they are looking for. Velocity also can show product substitutions and highlight possible add-on products to support up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Vivisimo’s Velocity Platform enables customers to save searches and configure alerts to notify them
when out of stock or new products become available. You can also create search-based widgets that allow the Velocity-powered Website to track users and showcase products that users with similar profiles have purchased.

For general Search Engine Optimization, Velocity’s log ranking capabilities enriches a Websites’ content as it strengthens the relevance of the information presented. Velocity’s social tagging and commenting features also allow users to share feedback and collaborate on information. With Velocity, says Vivisimo, "a Website becomes a trusted advisor."

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